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Welcome to Kinetic Internet Services!

Kinetic Internet Services the culmination of a lifetime of PC hardware, software, internet marketing & web design experience. We view each and every client as a unique relationship and provide the services and support that they need to succeed and realize their business goals. Today your website is only as good as its last update. The days of spending $10,000 on a flashy website are over, Google, Facebook and all the other “big guys” are looking for relevance in content and the only way to accomplish this is through regular updates and optimization that is born out of real world experience, not an SEO blog…

We are a web design and internet consulting company that is relationship focused and genuinely cares about the success of our clients. We believe that if your business does better then so will ours. We treat every client like our first client, rather than assuming to know a business because you’ve worked with its industry before. That is like saying “I know you because I’ve been around humans before”…

Every business is uniquely positioned to provide services or information in a way no one else can, we help you discover what “that” is and then use just the right services and tools to communicate that to the world. Never a cookie cutter solution, ever…

Be Warned...

What sounds good might not always BE good, or even work for your business. Every “shiny” new thing promises to be the end all be all for your internet marketing needs and while many of them are very powerful, they CANNOT fully cover all the bases needed to effectively promote your business online. We will help you wade through the hype to determine which tools and services your business or organization needs to succeed in the digital landscape.

The reason larger corporations are so successful promoting themselves online is because they can afford to hire consultants that know their industry and business goals and which solutions will effectively help them meet (or exceed) those goals.

However, this consulting is very expensive and more often than not it is not a realistic option for the typical small or medium sized business or organization. Kinetic Internet Services was started to make this kind of personalized consultation and support available to EVERYONE, free of charge, even if you don’t go with us for the actual service or project!

Whether you are looking to build a new website, drive people to your current one, or break in to the era of cloud computing, you will be able to make decisions about the tools needed to accomplish your goals with confidence and peace of mind.


Friendship First...

We believe that if businesses and organizations feel good about the people they work with and the internet marketing services they are receiving they are much more likely to remain with the company that helped them make those decisions.

Today with relationship being a buzz word in the internet marketing industry there is no shortage of personable technical help but at the end of the day that person goes home and doesn’t think twice about your business. We want to develop real relationships, real friendships so that you feel comfortable knowing someone is in your corner with your business’s success on their mind.

So far this way of doing business has allowed us to form amazing relationships with our current clients who tell us they are going to continue to work with us for life. However, regardless of whether or not the services your business/organization needs are purchased from us, we are always happy to guide you with honestly to the right solution.

Here at Kinetic we are passionate about helping the businesses and organizations we work with to see beyond the hype and make smart decisions when it comes to their presence online and the promotion of that presence. How can we help your business or organization?

Website Design/Hosting

Your website is the foundation of your online presence, aside from accurately representing your business, your website also needs to be designed to be both mobile and search engine friendly. We build you a site that represents who you are as a business/company so that people who like your site will also like doing business with you. We don't believe in talking businesses in to features they don't need. We believe in getting to know YOUR goals as a business so that the website we build will be a perfect fit, nothing more, nothing less.

Database/CRM Consult & Setup

Whether you need help setting up a database or CRM for your business or simply need help choosing the right one, we would love to help! There are many choices out there and we have the experience to not only help you find the best one for your business, but also the know how to get you up and running. Contact us today and we will reach out to you with some questions that will help us find the right solution for you!

SEO & Internet Marketing

SEO Is a term that is heard EVERYWHERE these days, in fact, you probably receive several calls a day from companies telling you that you "need" their SEO services because they are "with Google" and no one else can get your website to rank better than they can. Don't waste your money! Good organic SEO comes from quality content strategically placed on your website and while Google AdWords and Facebook marketing have their place, we will never sell you something you don't need.

Website Applications

Need to accept credit cards on your website? What about helping your customers order products or even food? From smart forms and employment applications to complex eCommerce systems and medical patient portals We can help you get up and running WITHOUT building a whole new website. No matter what you want users to be able to do on your website we can help you build an application that will get the job done AND look great. Reach out to us today to find out how!

Our Friends

Here at Kinetic we pride ourselves not only in doing great work, but the relationships we develop with our clients. Getting to know a business, its goals and its people are the only way to effectively satisfy its digital marketing/internet presence needs. We take YOUR vision and turn it into a digital reality all while keeping you informed and comfortable with the product(s) being developed. Check out just a handful of the businesses & organizations that have worked with us so far!

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