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If you are a local business looking to attract local clientele then Google my Business is your best friend and greatest marketing asset.

While not everyone may recognize the name of this service i’m sure that everyone reading this page has used it to find a local service or business, probably even today!

Continue reading below to find out why this service is so important and what we can do to help you “get on the map”.

Why Google My Business Is So Important to YOUR Business

If you enter an internet search, no matter what browser you use, you usually receive results based on your location. These local search results are critical to getting found and allowing customers to review your business. Also known as Google Places, Google My Business makes it easier for customers to find information about your business online, including hours of operation, contact information and directions – all across multiple devices.

Bottom line is your business MUST be listed in Google My Business if you want to be found online in a local search. A fully complete and working Google My Business page can increase the success, for both your online and offline operation.

It is also critical to make sure that your Google Page is complete and accurate, and optimized for best results. Having one that is working correctly can have a big impact on not only traffic to a website, but for visitors to the actual physical location of the businesses as well. Put simply, a fully complete and working Google My Business page can increase the success, for both your online and offline operation.

When users search for your product or service, the local search listings are the ones that dominate. In most cases, these local listings will be accompanied by markers for the lucky few, along with their addresses and phone numbers. Google also displays a map that points to each business highlighted in the actual search list.

Branded or "Direct" Search Result

Categorical Search Result

How Do I Get Started?

Great question! While a Google listing can be created for free by clicking the link below the best way to approach local search is from a managed standpoint. We will not only create or verify your Google listing but create listings on EVERY major search engine out there and then monitor and continue to add information about your business as it becomes available or as new features are released. You will also receive easy to read reports showing how your business is growing in local search as well as how people are interacting with your listing(s). Clicks to your website, phone calls, and requests for GPS directions are just some of the data points that we will be able to share with you once your listings are up and running. 

If you are a local business, the concept of business listing management just can’t be ignored. Let Kinetic Internet Services help you “get found” and eventually, be the first choice for local search.